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in den Branchen:
Konsumgüter, Handel/E-Commerce, Digital Health, Energie, Werbung
  • Head of Strategy
  • Director Growth
  • Manager Corporate Strategy
  • Manager Marketing Strategy
  • Inhouse Consultants (Projektmanager, Mitglied Managementteam)


in den Branchen:
Handel/E-Commerce, Digital Technology
  • Director E-Commerce
  • Head of Product Management
  • Product Manager IT/Digital


in den Branchen:
Handel/E-Commerce, Digital Finance
  • Chief of Operations
  • Chief of Staff


in den Branchen:
Strategieberatung, Corporate Finance Boutique
  • Lead Knowledge Analyst
  • Projektmanager KPIs/Big Data
  • Projektmanager/VP M&A

Human Resources

in den Branchen:
Tourismus, E-Commerce, Technologie, int. Anwaltssozietät
  • Director Human Resources
  • Head of Recruiting
  • Manager Organizational Development


in den Branchen:
E-Commerce, Health-Tech, Food-Delivery-Service
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Head of Finance & Legal
  • Head of Controlling

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